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Restaurant customer feedback, sorted

Our restaurant customer feedback platform lets you harness an enormous volume of feedback to drive operational change, properly market your restaurant online, and find out what restaurant customers are thinking privately and in real time.

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Buzzer Feedback - How it works

How it works

Simply hand over a tablet (with included bill wallet) with the bill. You can ask the questions you want answers to, and it only takes the customer twenty seconds to complete. The tablet is totally white-labelled to suit your restaurant's brand.

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Buzzer Feedback dashboard

Your intelligent dashboard

Your bespoke dashboard presents actionable insights and analytics, allows you to compare multiple restaurants in a chain, and uses machine learning to help you to understand customer profiles and behaviour. It's available on your computer, tablet, or your phone.

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The benefits of Buzzer

✔️ Strategic
✔️️ Marketing
✔️️ Operational

Get an unbelievably high volume of restaurant feedback and gain powerful insights from data trends

Manage your online reviews and perform service recovery (before angry customers hit TripAdvisor!)

Manage your staff performance and use positive customer feedback to keep your team motivated

Customers love our innovative chat-style interface, and they can give feedback in under 20 seconds

Promote and market your restaurant by publishing positive feedback to social media

Feedback is instantly available and can only be seen by you. You can even get private SMS updates

The Kitty Hawk Rob

Case study

The Kitty Hawk uses Buzzer to collect over 900 pieces of restaurant customer feedback and 200 customer emails per month on average. Managers, operations and PR monitor staff performance, perform service recovery and understand NPS on Buzzer.

“Buzzer is a major upgrade on the current review systems in the restaurant market and solves a key problem in the industry. It has a young and energetic team at the heart of it, who are great to work with. A great investment!“


“Customers love the Whatsapp-like chat and giving honest private feedback on Buzzer! It's great to get feedback on my service and be recognised for this by my managers“


“I've worked in the past with a lot of customer feedback platforms and Buzzer is the simplest I've seen. We get up to 50 genuine pieces of feedback a day!“

Restaurant Manager
The Kitty Hawk, London
Buzzer Feedback Restaurant Customer Feedback Solution

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