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Buzzer is a customer feedback platform which empowers restaurant managers and owners to find out what their customers are thinking privately and in real time using a tablet presented along with the bill.

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A good NPS® increases sales, referrals, and profits. Track your score on your bespoke dashboard.
Use our data analysis to review staff performance. Ensure you get the best out of your staff.
See at-a-glance points for improvement using our KPI traffic light system.
Keep track of how much feedback you are getting each day.
Drill down to the detailed answers for the information you really want to know.

How we do it

Server presents a tablet along with the bill

The tablet displays questions set by the manager/head office and collects customer information

Customer gives feedback on the tablet

The quick-fire questions are presented in a fun and familiar Whatsapp-style interface

Management reviews feedback and KPIs on web dashboard

Your bespoke dashboard is available on your computer, tablet, or your phone

High Volume, Private, Tailored and Verified

With Buzzer, you’ll stay ten steps ahead of the competition (and be able to keep tabs on them too!)
Private feedback

Keep unfair reviews off online review sites, and privately view your data. The feedback we collect belongs to you, not the public
High-volume feedback

The average restaurant gets feedback from less than 1% of its customers. Buzzer is proven to get feedback from over 27%! By inviting customers to give feedback at point of sale, you can drastically increase volume, relevance and engagement
Targeted feedback

Target specific questions to work out the exact areas you need to improve your business and drive sales